We were so grateful to Stephanie on that most painful day when it was time to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Lyra. Stephanie’s patience and presence was comforting and reassuring throughout the whole process. Like an angel she swooped in to relieve suffering and to set our girl free for her next adventure. We are so grateful that final day was filled with as much peace and ease as possible. And the card we received following was tremendously thoughtful and filled with love. Thank you for everything!
Hannah S.

Dr. Stephanie is a special caring and kind person. She helped us through a difficult time. Missy was our 15 y/o pup, that was a light at the end of my day when I would come home from work.In the past 3 months she had changed and was in obvious pain and struggling.Thank you for being there for our family during this difficult time Dr. Stephanie, we appreciate your kindness and what you do for the world.
Jamey B.

Dr. Stephanie is an incredibly compassionate, gentle, and knowledgable vet. She was highly recommended to us when we were in search of in-home care for our aging & anxious cat. We are so glad to have found her, as she was an excellent doctor for our kitty, and helped us through the end-of-life process with empathy and warmth.

One thing that stands out about Dr. Stephanie is her willingness to assist her patients at any time, any place. Her schedule is very flexible; she responds quickly to questions, and was available for last-minute appointments when needed. She is also very thorough in her medical notes and shares documented information quickly. Moreover, her rates are fair and reasonable, and she is completely forthcoming about them.

Above all, Dr. Stephanie is so kind. She expressed genuine concern for our pet even though she only knew her for a few weeks, and followed up with support to us after our pet was gone. We will always be grateful for her expertise when it came to making a decision about our cat’s quality of life, and especially for providing us the opportunity to say goodbye to our kitty calmly & peacefully, and in the comfort of our own home.

S. B.

Dr. Stephanie is absolutely amazing. There are not enough words to express how grateful we are to her for her services. She is so incredibly accommodating, compassionate and goes above and beyond to make the devastating experience of saying goodbye to a beloved pet more bearable. We have used her two times in our home now, and honestly wish we had known about her years ago. We highly recommend Dr. Stephanie and Journey Home Veterinary Services!
Jennifer R.

I cannot say enough positive things about our experiences with Journey Home vet. Dr. Stephanie is both professional and empathetic. Saying goodbye to a pet is always heart-wrenching, however the ability to do it in your home with Dr. Stephanie is far more comforting and less stressful on both the pet and owner(s). We greatly appreciated her kindness and gentle nature, and were so thankful and touched with the sympathy card. Thank you for taking such good care of our family.
Ryan C.

Dr. Stephanie made my pups last day a perfect one. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found someone to help with one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. Dr. Stephanie is caring and loving and at a time when I was feeling guilty and miserable she was comforting and understanding. I wish I could give 6 stars.
Nicolas P.

Made a very tough and emotional situation as comfortable as possible. Very professional. The care package really helped.
Todd J.

Thank you Dr. Stephanie.. During this crazy COVID-19 situation, Dr. Stephanie arrived to my house with her mask on, let us be with our sweet Molly 6 feet away and talked us through saying Goodbye! I will recommend her to ANYBODY! Her heart is pure, she is gently, loving, comforting and delicate. I cannot say enough about how positive this experience was. Having the opportunity to be at home with the other pets was the best situation ever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Kim E.

Steph was so great with our dog Roxy when she did acupuncture. Our dog has a lot of leg problems as she had a TPLO two years ago. Steph was gentle, precise, and quick. I honestly wasn’t sure how my dog would do but with Steph’s calm demeanor and professionalism, she was completely responsive to the treatment.
Amber B.

Thank you Dr.Steph for your kind caring heart and soul! Never is saying goodbye is to our four legged loves easy. When that decision has to be made Dr. Steph is there to help bring one last gift of compassion to our furry friends that gave us nothing but unconditional love. Words cannot express my personal gratitude to you to bring peace to my sweet Mabel.
Jenn H.

Compassionate end-of-life care and euthanasia. Dr. Stephanie is very prompt, empathetic and quite professional in dealing with clients in this difficult field. Very highly recommended.
Melanie M.

Stephanie was absolutely amazing!! I was a vet tech for 10 yrs before leaving the field. But over the weekend my family had to decide what was best for our old man. She responded to me almost immediately and was in constant contact until we had everything planned out. She was very sweet and understanding. She arrived on time Monday morning, which is good, but didn’t make our soon goodbye any easier but at least we didn’t have to wait around. She came straight to our house and had everything she needed with her and didn’t have to make trips back and forth to the car. We handled the costs up front so we wouldn’t have to worry about it after the fact. I knowing the process knew what would be happening, and how, but she took the time to explain it all to my family so they would understand. Each step of the way she said what she was doing. She loved on our boy with us while we waited for the sedative to kick in. He was a fighter so it took a little longer, but he was calm and comfortable the entire time. She didn’t rush us or him at all. We had our 2 other pups with us during it and she loved on them too. Once our baby crossed the rainbow bridge she left us to say our goodbyes in peace and didn’t rush us then either. Once we were ready she came back in and we put our handsome boy in the stretcher to take out to the care. She made a pillow for him to rest his head on, and she put a blanket over him and tucked him in. He looked absolutely perfect and so peaceful. Once out to the car we got to say our final goodbyes to our boy before walking away. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We wished our boy would’ve gone on his own, but in the end he went the way we wanted. Not alone. In his home. With his family all around him.
Thank you again Steph for being so wonderful.
Ashley L.

Dr. Stephanie was nothing but amazing when helping us with our dog’s transition. She was prompt in her communications and was able to get to our house in just a few hours. She was patient, kind, and compassionate. For such a sad event in our lives, I could not have asked for a better doctor and scenario.
Kayla H.

There is no amount of praises to give to Stephanie and the care she provided for me, my family, and sweet, 14 year old puppy. I struggled for the longest time knowing he was ready to go but, that I wasn’t able to let him. And when I finally knew that I couldn’t be selfish anymore, I wanted to be able to have him at home and not transport him to a cold office to say goodbye.

Stephanie was so caring and compassionate and made an extremely painful day the best that it could be. From the moment she stepped into the house I felt more peace about the decision I had to make. She didn’t rush me and she even spent time getting to know my Levi.

While I wish you weren’t having to read a review like mine because that means that you too are having to make a painful decision, there is no one more compassionate, kind, and professional then Stephanie to help you through the process.

Kelly M.

Dr. Stephanie is incredible. After almost 15 years, our beloved (and objectively amazing) dog Lula let us know she was ready to go. Dr. Stephanie was responsive, kind, compassionate, and supportive. We were able to meet with Dr. Stephanie in advance and she walked us through our options and help us decide our path. Being able to share our final moments together in our own home was invaluable. Can’t recommend Dr. Stephanie enough.
M. A.

I had to recently face the fact that my best friend needed that final act of kindness which meant that I had to arrange for a quiet, peaceful euthanasia in his own home. Through a referral I was able to find Dr. Stephanie who is a new breed of veterinarian, one that provides hospice, palliative care and at home euthanasia to her clients. A mobile vet. I put my beloved Grady to rest outside on a sunny day after he played and ate his favorite food. He was succumbing to cancer. Dr. Stephanie came to my home and lovingly and thoughtfully administered pain relieving drugs to lift the veil of pain permanently and forever from Grady. I highly recommend her and would certainly use her service again. Grady was a male Shetland Sheepdog.
Donna T.

Dr Stephanie helped us all through one of the most difficult times in our lives. We had to say goodbye to our beautiful dog. Dr Stephanie was there totally for us . She was compassionate and warm. We shared some of Penny’s adventures with her. It turned out to be a very peaceful and meaningful journey for us all. We thank Dr Stephanie from the bottom of our hearts. And, yes – the card a couple of days later was really touching.
Janet S.

My Jada had finally reached the point that she was tired and finished. I called Journey Home, they were recommended to me by my vet at Orchards Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Steph was able to come that evening, she very willingly waited for my son to arrive as we said good-bye to our sweet pup. Dr. Steph was very considerate and appropriately empathetic. She listened to what we were saying, she stayed in the background as we said our goodbyes, she explained everything she was doing and what to expect. This was not our first fur baby we have helped reach the rainbow bridge, nothing here was new but it helped us that she was so compassionate.

The thing that I found uplifting and comforting is when she sent to us a sympathy card for our loss, the picture on the front of the card looked almost exactly like our Jada, she hand wrote a note and hit on conversations that were going on throughout the evening. She mentioned how Jada was with Estes now and up to their old shenanigans just as we had talked that evening. She showed in her note that she actually was listening to us, taking to heart our love for our Jada. She didn’t have to do that. I love that card and it will stay with Jada.

I highly recommend Dr. Steph, she is prompt, professional, attentive, and appropriately empathetic! She is a true professional and I thank her for help with our journey.

Connie L.

Dr. Stephanie was a wonderful source of comfort in our time of sorrow as we had to euthanize our beloved dog. Dr. Stephanie was able to perfectly balance professionalism with compassion, and I can’t imagine things going any better. We would highly recommend her to anyone faced with this difficult decision.
David H.

This review should have been written a while back, but to be completely honest, the pain of losing my precious angel is still very fresh, and hard to re-live.

On October 30th we had to say goodbye to our beloved Nova. The heartache is deep and we will forever miss our Tiny little princess.

We adopted Nova in December of 2002, at the age of 1. She has blessed our lives and warmed our hearts all these years. We were so lucky to call her our baby for as long as we did. Most say she lived a good long life, but to be honest, there really is never enough time, regardless of how long we got to love her.

Making end of life decisions is very difficult and, although some say it is humane, it is a very difficult hurdle to jump. However, I did feel like I made the very best decisions I could in picking her doctor for this service.

In my search I received Doctor Stephanie’s name and number multiple times through several companies I called. They all had glowing reviews and said she was very good and gentle. This doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful she was. It takes a very special kind of person to do this dreaded kind of job. She is compassionate towards our beloved fur babies end of life experience, but also compassionate towards the family members that need to say goodbye. Doctor Stephanie is both very professional and approachable in the whole process, and that was important to me.

From the phone calls setting it up, to her flexible schedule, into the actual process, and beyond Doctor Stephanie with Journey Home was a Godsend. I cannot say enough good things about her. She was everything we needed and more. Shortly after, we received a beautiful card from her in the mail, along with a beautiful charm that had “Tiny” engraved in it. It made me cry, but then again I can cry at the drop of a hat these days. It will be a cherished piece we will hold dear. The whole process was a total blur but, somewhere along the way Doctor Stephanie picked up on all the little things, like the fact that we called Nova ”Tiny” and our beliefs on where we believe Nova is today… up in heaven. She did not miss a beat on how she handled this very emotional experience in our lives but guided us through the whole process. Thank you Doctor Stephanie. I will be forever grateful for your compassionate heart.

If anyone ever needs to go through this most difficult time and decision I highly recommend Doctor Stephanie and the company Journey Home. Thank you Doctor Stephanie, I am so happy we found you and trusted you with our precious little girl.

Dawn S.

I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Dr. Stephanie. I would recommend her to anyone going through the experience of having to give a peaceful, graceful and empathetic passing to their loved pet family member.

Our sweet loving cat Monkey was part of our family for almost 15 years, and it was very difficult to make the decision to let her go peacefully (and not pursue surgery/chemotherapy) when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Our vet recommended a home visit as a choice for euthanasia, and gave us a few business cards. They told us that Dr. Stephanie of Journey Home was the one they highly recommended of them all. I am glad that we chose her.

I was having a hard time with letting Money go, as was my husband and young daughter. Under the circumstances, the experience was amazing. The thoughtfulness, grace and consideration of our fragile feelings that Stephanie showed was such an incredible comfort. This helped us so much to know that she had a peaceful passing in her home with her family touching her. And the card we received in the mail from her was so incredibly thoughtful.

I hope that we will not need her services anytime soon with our other pets, but if so, I will absolutely be calling Dr. Stephanie.

Sara G.

Dr. Stephanie played such an important, positive role in saying goodbye to our Lucy Cat. I had never had to make this decision for a pet before, and didn’t know what to expect. I was so glad to have such a kind and competent person to help our family during this time of transition. Dr. Stephanie was professional, patient, compassionate, and sensitive not just to Lucy’s needs, but to our emotional needs as well. Lucy’s ashes came back to us beautifully wrapped and with a lovely plaster paw print. We also received a thoughtful, hand written card a few weeks later. I would highly recommend Dr. Stephanie’s services to anyone who may find themselves needing them.
Devin W.

Dr. Stephanie was wonderful. We lost our best boy Wash in early September and she helped us understand the whole process from start to finish and gave us as much time as we needed with him. The whole experience was very peaceful and calm. I would highly recommend Journey Home.
Victoria L.