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Pet Aftercare

Should your pet pass at home before any medical care can be given, your loved one will be gently and lovingly transported directly from your home for cremation.

Should you choose private cremation, you will receive your pet’s ashes in an Acacia wood urn, along with a certificate of cremation and a personalized clay paw print.

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Traditional/Flame-Based Cremation Through Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services

Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services is dedicated to providing compassionate care for pets at the end of life and to supporting their human through this difficult process of transition. We believe in the unique power of the human-animal connection, and we treat every animal we work with exactly how we would want our own beloved companion animals to be treated – with sensitivity, respect, and gentleness.

Locally owned and operated, we are built upon a personal connection with our community and our vet clinics. Dedicated to supporting and celebrating the power of the human-animal connection, we provide a portion of our profit from every cremation to support the international Hearing Dog, Inc. in Henderson, CO. We understand how much our animals give to us while they are here. Hence, it is essential to us that we give in honor of them. This allows them to continue to provide, even after they have gone – Thus the Circle of Life.

All cremains are returned in a carved wooden box and a baked clay paw print. Circle of Life offers many options for urn upgrades and memorial items upon request. Please let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Aquamation/Water Based Cremation through Guardian Pet Aquamation

Using a combination of water and salts, aquamation gently reduces the body to ashes. The process is similar to what nature would do through burial, although it is faster and the safest aftercare option to protect the planet. Aquamation provides more ashes returned to families. Please note, due to differences in cost between the services; there is an upcharge for aquamation services compared to traditional/flame-based cremation.

Aquamation is approved for pets in all 50 states and is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for those who wish to prevent climate change. It is also offered for humans around the world, including 2 new systems in Denver.

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