Twiggy Lee

Twiggy Lee (August 2007 - August 2021) joined us a few weeks after her birth. She was an amazing dog and every moment she taught us that she had emotions and preferences and that she had strong feelings about them. She was loved right away by anyone who met her and remained in their hearts forever. She had so much love to give and took every chance to shower family and strangers alike with affection and excitement. She loved long walks and playing catch and tug of war with her favorite toys and her family. She never tired of chewing her favorite chew toys even when they lost their shape, turning into pieces of torn cloth. She was very mischievous, always finding something to rummage through, making everyone laugh as we chased her around trying to grab her latest treasure. Our little lady loved to be rewarded with her favorite treats, taste ice cream, have a few peanuts and be around us for human food with the hope of spillovers on the floor even when she had finished her own food and treats. She had been her dad’s best companion, 24-7, during the pandemic. She will be missed forever.

Bear Anderson

Maggie Stone

Billie Holiday

“Billie-Girl” was an amazing dog. She stood by my side for nearly 15 years, Through the good and bad she was right there. She was lovable and timid and would never hurt a soul. She brought me and my family happiness through out the years. She loved her bologna, “weenies” , a scrambled egg or two, and good chew toy she could rip the squeaker out of!! She will be greatly missed!!! WE LOVE YOU MAMA!!!

Stevie Nicks

Stevie was a feisty, funny girl with lots of sass and love. She taught her dad to love cats and will be dearly missed.


This guy was the smartest, most loyal boy. He taught his family all about border collies and got to spend his life working sheep. He was part of a big dog family, but held an extra special place in her family’s heart. Rest easy, sweet pooch.


Lady’s mom shared this wonderful poem as a goodbye:
To My Grand Lady (a puppy mill rescue)
Life can be hard and bad beginnings don’t make the journey easier.
Oh, I moaned and whined, but you never did. And the lessons you gave me, well…I hope I did good.
My prayer is you learned that love exists and that you have mine.
Please greet me at the gate when my time comes with lights and love I saw in your eyes here.
Love, Me


This little guy was the perfect little mix of dachshund, yorkie, and shih tzu–equal parts floofy, long, short legged, and joyful. He spent part of his life in Japan and found a loving family later in life. Rest easy, handsome boy.

Uncle Iroh

This handsome old gentleman was lucky enough to find his forever home, with a very loving couple, in his golden years. He was loved by all that he met and was always eager to show his love to neighbors and friends. His final morning was spent in the cool grass, relaxing with his wonderful family.


This little guy was a ball of personality in a small package. His send off included lots of mini marshmallows (his favorite!), hopes that, over the rainbow bridge, he’ll finally catch one of those darn bunnies, and one last goodbye to the mountain air and sun. Rest easy, sweet boy.


Maggie was a very loved girl and fought hard against the cancer that ravaged her body. Her family shared funny stories of her ornery younger years as she gently passed, surrounded by the love of her family.


Mocha was a very good dog that was very attached to her people. She will be met on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge by her schnauzer sister and best friend, Princess. Rest easy, sweet girl.

Alex “White Man”

Ol Alex boy was truly one of the best pups we’ve ever had. He always hung out with dad out in the front yard while we washed cars, worked on our bikes, our just enjoyed a nice day. His all time favorite thing to do was play though. He could and would play hours of ball or frisbee if you let him. Watching him chase and catch the frisbee was so fascinating, even the strangers at the park would stop and watch him. He loved going fishing and being out in the water and on the boat.

Alex, our home is just too quiet without you here. It’s just not the same. We all miss you so very much handsome white man. We love you. Rest easy baby.


This sweet girl spent her life with a family that loves shih tzus. She was adored, saw her family through many milestones, led a wonderfully pampered life, and is terribly missed by her family.


This kitty was lucky enough to spend her golden years in a loving home, often in her mom’s cozy desk drawer, and will be dearly missed by her puppy friend, Pepper. Goodbye, sweet Bella.


Chico was a big, handsome boy with a big personality. He saw his owner’s life change and transition through marriage and a child. He was a faithful companion and will be dearly missed.


Faye was a really joyful girl who loved her mom immensely. She was an incredible friend and her mom fought very hard for her when her body failed her. She spent her last day showered in love, steak, and sunshine. Rest easy, sweet girl.


Jack was an incredibly loved, adorable guy. He was so handsome, in fact, that his mom called him the “George Clooney of dogs”, which really fit. He had many adventures, knew the mountains well, and had many fans and friends. He was surrounded by him family and spent his last day enjoying sunshine, family, & dirt.


Yoda was a big dude with a big personality. He may have been considered grumpy by many (or all, according to his family), but he brought a lot of love and laughter to his home. He’s now from the pain of his crippling arthritis and finally able to rest.


This gorgeous, sassy girl was so loved by her mom. When she was adopted, Avalon was so thin and small, she looked like a skinny kitten at over a year old. With lots of love and care, she grew into her amazing coat and led a life of love and mischief, and handed out sweet kisses (sometimes before a little nibble). You and your big personality will never be forgotten, Avalon.


Phoenix “Phee Phee” was our foster fail, because she really was that perfect. We had many adventures together. She loved the outdoors and going for walks, just as much as she loved lying on the couch. Phoenix was known for her sneaky ways…ironically, more so as she got older. She found her way out of our backyard many times, even making her way into a few of our neighbors homes! Thankfully, she was known and loved by all those around us. Phoenix also made a habit of stealing foods like rice krispy treats and chicken. She was our first baby and we miss her dearly. We can’t thank Dr. Stephanie enough for her gentle and compassionate spirit during this difficult time.


From Grady’s Mom: Grady’s full name is Raisin in the Sun. He came from a well known sheltie person in Kentucky. From the minute that I met Grady, he picked me as his person, jumping into the car with a look of “I’m ready to go, get with the program.” He underwent cancer surgery at the Flint Cancer Center at CSU over two years ago. For 27 months, I was able to fend off a recurrence of his cancer using CBD oil from Pet Releaf I marinated Grady in their strongest formula which he responded to well. He was known at CSU as that “sweet boy.” He was the most gentle, intelligent creature who will be missed in a way incomprehensible to me right now. I highly recommend the concept of a mobile vet who will come out and administer the last act of kindness that you can give a pet. Stephanie is an outstanding representative of the veterinary profession.

From Dr. Stephanie: Grady was a spunky, happy guy, so loved by his family. He took as his personal responsibility to chase the blackbirds from the yard, often with his Sheltie sister, and brought so much happiness to his family and those that met him. He passed in his yard, bathed by sunlight, and surrounded by the love of his family. Rest easy, sweet Grady.


Nova was a beautiful girl that was truly a beloved member of her family. She loved to hide out in boxes and her mom supplied all the boxes, with her nickname “Tiny” written on the side, so she had plenty of places to rest. She passed, surrounded by the love of her family, in the arms of her mom. Rest in peace, sweet Nova.